Vaughan Park Evercam

Solar Construction Cameras Track Progress at Vaughan Park, a Sustainable Industrial Hub

Industrial Development with Focus on Sustainability

Vaughan Park in Tipton, West Midlands United Kingdom, has reached completion, featuring two grade A industrial units available to let. The development, undertaken by Magrock, comprises a total of 255,000 sq. ft. of commercial space across two units, with a combined value of ÂŁ19.2 million. The project involved the development of two new industrial warehouse units, Vaughan 153 and Vaughan 103. The units have been designed with the end occupier in mind, incorporating modern features and sustainable solutions. The scheme has achieved a BREEAM rating of “Excellent” and an EPC rating of “A”, ensuring occupiers can benefit from reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint. Vaughan Park Evercam Project

Sustainably Monitoring Progress using Evercam

In alignment with the project’s sustainability objectives, Magrock chose Evercam’s solar-powered construction cameras to monitor and manage the site. These cameras were strategically positioned to capture crucial stages of the development, as well as:  

  • Progress Tracking: The cameras provided a visual record of the project’s progress, enabling stakeholders to monitor various phases, including the assembly of the buildings, installation of infrastructure, and completion of finishes. The video footage enabled the team to promptly identify and address any issues, ensuring the project remained on track.
  •  Site Documentation: Beyond progress tracking, the construction cameras captured and documented the development of Vaughan Park from the ground up, providing a comprehensive footage archive of the project. This  record fulfils multiple purposes, including:
    • Demonstration: It provides a tangible way for stakeholders – from investors to regulatory bodies – to see how the work was executed and milestones were met. 
    • Reference Material: The visual documentation is a valuable tool for future reference, helping inform and improve the planning and execution of similar projects. 
    • Marketing: These images are perfect for marketing and promotional materials, showcasing Magrock’s expertise to potential clients and the industry.
  • Bespoke Videos: Magrock used Evercam’s video-editing services (Time-lapse Pro) to obtain professionally edited videos. These videos, featuring different camera angles, offer a customized and detailed perspective of the construction progress, which is invaluable for  Magrock’s marketing team.

Demonstrating the Impact of Enhanced Construction Visibility

With the successful completion of Vaughan Park, Magrock has delivered a top-tier industrial development tailored to the demands of the manufacturing and logistics sectors in the West Midlands. This project exemplifies the future of industrial construction, demonstrating the benefits of incorporating Evercam’s solutions. By leveraging innovative technologies, we can enhance construction management and support environmental sustainability in building industrial facilities.

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