BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 2 – The State of Tech in the AEC Industry

BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 2 – The State of Tech in the AEC Industry

🎙️Welcome back to the BIM Heroes Podcast! In our second episode, we’re exploring the exciting world of Reality Capture tech.

Join us as Cody Whitelock, CM-BIM, chats with Evercam founder Marco Herbst and Reality Capture Network Founder & President Matthew Byrd, about how Reality Capture is shaking things up in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) game.

Find out why reality capture is more than just a trend – it’s changing AEC with user-friendly tools and real-time data and more:

👉Data that Counts: Learn how companies like Evercam are turning mountains of AEC data into gold, making it not just about acquisition but real utilization.

👉Sharing is Caring: Discover how we’re bridging the skills gap and boosting productivity through sharing reality-capture knowledge.

👉Making Smart Moves: See how reality capture is tackling old problems like bad weather, supercharging project planning, and making execution rock-solid.

👉Return on Reality: Get the lowdown on the tangible benefits, from dodging design hiccups to keeping the budget in check.

👉New AEC Playbook: We’ll spill the beans on how construction cameras, drones, AI, and more are rewriting the AEC rulebook.

👉Meet the Catalyst – Reality Capture Network (RCN): Learn how RCN is speeding up learning, collaboration, and community-building in the reality capture world.

👉What’s Next for AEC: Peek into a future where data rules, making AEC super-efficient and cool as reality capture becomes a big player.


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