BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 1 – The State of Tech in the AEC Industry and Forums that Are Leading the Way

BIM Heroes Podcast: #Ep 1 – The State of Tech in the AEC Industry and Forums that Are Leading the Way

In this digital era, the future of the construction industry is not simply about the introduction of new technologies but rather about how these technologies are utilised and understood. The industry is becoming more interconnected, with forums and summits playing a pivotal role in nurturing communities that encourage learning, collaboration, and adoption of technologies.

From understanding the complexities of the tech landscape to breaking down functional silos; these platforms are fostering change and driving digital transformation. In the first episode, our host Cody Whitelock, a VDC virtual construction manager at Barnhill Contracting, is joined by Ralph Montague, a seasoned architect, and Vinnie Quinn, co-founder of Evercam. Together, they talk about the pivotal role of community, learning, and collaboration in shaping the digital transformation of the construction industry.

In this episode, our host and guests discuss the following:

1. The overload of technology in the construction industry, and how adopting and integrating new tools into workflows can enhance productivity and reduce costs.

2. The power of community in overcoming the challenges of digital transformation, featuring examples like the BIM Coordinators Summit.

3. The challenge of functional and technological silos in the construction industry, and how breaking them down can enhance coordination and efficiency.

4. The importance of mentorship in onboarding and training staff in new technologies

5. The use of modern technology to transform traditional mentorship, allowing knowledge and information to be shared on a global scale.

6. The concept of treating each project as a digital prototype for the next to foster continuous improvement.

7. The future of construction, focusing on how we use technology to drive change and improve outcomes.

While the construction industry is inundated with new technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), reality capture, prefabrication, modular construction methods, drones, wearable technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, understanding how to use these tools effectively, such as using reality capture not only for training and mentorship but also for best practices on site, is critical to reap their benefits.

The pivotal role of ‘BIM Heroes’ as change agents is emphasised, showcasing how digital transformation encompasses people, processes, and culture. Tune in to this episode of the BIM Heroes Podcast for an in-depth discussion on how learning, collaboration, and community can harness the power of technology to drive change and enhance outcomes in the construction industry.

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