This project comprises the new build construction of a seven-storey residential apartment building including basement, external envelope with balconies, canopy installation and associated services and systems installation.

The new building will include bedrooms, dining, kitchen and storage areas, plant room, associated landscaping works and green roof construction.

Focus Ireland announced that it has added 145 units to its housing stock in 2016. Allowing 145 couples, families and individuals a place to call home.

The new homes have been provided under the charity’s Strategic Plan to provide double the number of homes it provides by 2020 to help tackle the growing homeless crisis.

The visible works on site will accelerate in early 2018 as the above podium progresses, completion of internal fit-out, finishes, fixtures and furniture prior to completion later next year. The John’s Lane West development is made possible thanks to a combination of Department of Housing support, commercial borrowings and donated funds.