Dorset Point Student Accommodation

Dorset Point is a six-storey mixed-use development located along Dorset Street, which is one of the most important streets north of the River Liffey. It provides accommodations for 447 students and other amenities (student housing reception and foyer, cafe, gymnasium, and a single subdivision retail unit) that bring much needed activity to Dorset Street.

In addition to providing essential student accommodation, this project has aided in the area’s regeneration. Before the development of Dorset Point, the area was an just an underutilised brownfield urban site.

The building is full of dynamic and safe spaces, providing students with a balance of spaces for socialization or individual independence when preferred. The external courtyards are a mixture of soft and hard landscaping with grassed areas, raised planters, paved access routes, timber and precast concrete seats with games areas across three courtyards.