The Death Star was a moon-sized, deep-space mobile battle station constructed by the Galactic Empire over the course of 20 years. 

In 21 BBY, after the Second Battle of Geonosis and before the first anniversary of the First Battle of Geonosis, the Strategic Advisory Cell announced the completion of phase one of the Death Star’s construction.

Star Wars has fully explained why the Death Star took 20 years to make. The Empire’s greatest super-weapon, the Death Star was actually in the works long before Palpatine even officially founded the Empire.

dyson sphere death star from star wars

The Empire had a special advantage in the construction process: the Sanctuary Pipeline. The Imps literally carved a tunnel through hyperspace, from the Core to Endor. It took many centuries to develop the first successful aeroplane, but now it’s a matter of a few years at most.

Death star BIM model
Death star BIM model

Check out Death Star architect Dak Exhaustport‘s statement below. The architect took the opportunity to defend himself and prove that his design was not to blame for Death Star destruction.

In seriousness, this video is a personal project created by Benjamin Botkin and his brother Isaac Botkin. Well done guys, great work! Here’s a link to more great work from Benjamin.