Using Evercam for Social Media

Using Evercam for Social Media

With Evercam it is much easier to build enhance brand exposure before receiving the beautiful time-lapse at the end.

However, there are 3 features that clients really love using to showcase their hard work.

1. Cloud Recordings

Because we record high-resolution images for the full duration of your project, you can create and download images and videos at any time. You will never miss an opportunity to share key moments and project milestones again. And of course, there is the powerful zoom to focus in on important details.

illustrative image of different connected devices to the cloud (pc, laptop, tablette, phone)
cloud connected devices

2. Live View Cameras

With our live view cameras embedded on your website, you can really engage your audience and increase site traffic.

Check out Waterford Distilleries live view camera which captured the construction of their beautiful new warehouse by following this link:

On a side note, one of our most popular Live View Cameras is the beautiful view over Wicklow Town. Wicklowcam has proved especially useful to sailors who want to view the pier, Wicklow Air Field, and as we recently found out, the pilots flying light aircarfts from Newcastle Air Field. Have a look for yourself by following the link below


3. Compare Tool

With the Compare Tool, You can create dramatic before and after Photos and Sliders from any point along the project. These neat visual aids can be embedded on websites, promotional material to easily impress followers on social media.

Check out the before and after comparison of the impressive new warehouse for Waterford Distillery using the Evercam compare tool:

 Waterford Distillery by Evercam

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