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Open and Transparent Communication – Bartra Wealth Advisors

Open and Transparent Communication – Bartra Wealth Advisors

As one of Ireland’s most successful real estate developers, Bartra has successfully carried out six social housing and nursing home projects in the country up to date.

Clarity and transparency is the key to keep everyone updated on the construction progress. From the start of each project, Bartra signs a completion guarantee with the contractor to ensure the project is completed on time and with high quality. The group purchases investment and the investor holds the mortgage on the project and Bartra guarantees full repayment.

It’s great providing our clients transparency and keeping them updated 24/7.”
Jay Cheung – Bartra BWAL Marketing Director

As the development of their projects involves multiple stakeholders effective communication is a key element. By using Evercam, Bartra can communicate with a visual reference that translates the construction progress in a much more effective way.

Evercam promotes efficiency & transparency and we are proud to work with Bartra to improve their project communications with the right image at the right time and the ability to share live & immediate access to their cameras anywhere.

We’re currently working with Bartra on the Beaumont Nursing Home, Stoneybatter social housing development and Northwood Nursing Home. We have also worked on the successfully completed project: Loughshinney Nursing Home which involved the full new build construction of a 5900m2 state of the art nursing home in North County Dublin.

(Evercam footage being used for Marketing Comms)

Our Monthly time-lapse videos tell the story of the project, showcase project milestones, engage stakeholders and illustrate the positive impact of your project:



If you are interested in the benefits of adding Evercam to your next project, get in touch today.