Evercam Discover

Evercam Discover

Getting IP cameras accessible over the Internet is always painful – finding local IP addresses, getting the ports that they are using, logging into the router, setting up port forwarding, maybe Dynamic DNS and so on …

That’s why we bring you Evercam Discover, an Android app that detects cameras on your local network, configures the router and registers your cameras with Evercam.


  • Discover IP cameras in your local network.
  • Try the easy options: test camera default authentication, snapshot, webpage, RTSP stream, etc.
  • Access router & network information.
  • Setup UPnP port forwarding (if available)
  • Add cameras to your Evercam account.
  • Most functions are using Evercam APIs.

Get it on Google Play:

The API’s used were:

  • Evercam REST API  – Login, sign up, fetch camera manufacturer defaults
  • Network Scanning Library  – Abstracted pure Java network scan, port scan and UPnP discovery from Evercam Discover.
  • Evercam API in Java – A Java wrapper around Evercam API that can be directly invoked in any Android/Java application.

The source code is available on Github and we’d love to hear from you and get improved!