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Evercam Construction Cameras vs CCTV Cameras

Evercam Construction Cameras vs CCTV Cameras

If you are working on a construction project, you probably have a CCTV camera system set up at the site or are planning to set one up. Security at a construction site is important, and CCTV cameras can certainly help with that.


Did you know that time-lapse cameras can offer a construction site so much more than just security?

Time-lapse and project management cameras offer a lot of value and unique features to construction projects that security cameras cannot.

Evercam Project Management Cameras CCTV Security Cameras
Overall view – cover the complete action Perimeter control – keep people out
Self-monitored Remotely monitored
Used daily Used for exceptions only
Record entire construction project Record about 30 days history
High resolution Low resolution
Evercam Project Management Cameras vs cctv camera

Showcase Your Work

You can use construction time-lapse videos, live streaming, and social media collateral to engage your stakeholders, build brand exposure, reach a wider audience, and enhance your marketing/sales tools.

Empower Project Managers

Having the right image at the right time will allow you to share the progress of your project, showcase project milestones, and have live/immediate access to your footage wherever you need it.

You Own the Evidence

Don’t just win disputes, avoid them! Owning complete footage of your entire project will help you with health and safety incident analysis/archival, potential QS disputes, potential sub-contractor disputes, and progress management. Your footage will also allow everyone to be on the same page for site meetings.

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