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Evercam Achieves ISO 27001:2022

Evercam Achieves ISO 27001:2022

Evercam is proud to announce that it has been awarded ISO 27001:2022 certification! Achieving this globally recognised standard is a testament to Evercam’s commitment to protecting our customers’ data and the high standards we set ourselves when it comes to cyber security. What makes this achievement even better is that the Evercam platform played a key part of the audit process.

Charlie Solan of Evercam

The auditors were very positive about using Evercam’s 360 tool to conduct remote inspections as we learned that remote audits usually rely on webcams or phones. Instead the auditors could inspect our warehouses in different parts of the globe in great detail and at their own pace. It was also very rewarding that they were getting hands-on testing of our platform, as our platform is a critical part of our ISO scope.
~Charlie Solan, Evercam C.O.O

According to Zuza Stefańska, our ISO Project Lead, “the audit process was rigorous with onsite and remote inspections but we passed with flying colours which was down to the hard work of multiple departments, including our Dev, Ops and HR teams. While the main audit is over, the real work starts now as maintaining the ISO standard involves regular surveillance audits so we have to keep trying to improve what we are doing across the business.”

Evercam’s Compliance Officer, Urooj Saeed believes that the main benefit of the ISO 27001:2022 for our customers can be summed up in one word: “Trust – our customer can trust that Evercam takes its responsibilities seriously and its policies, procedures and our product can stand up to  international scrutiny”

The ISO 27001:2022 Certification follows closely on from Evercam being awarded Construction Line Gold Accreditation, the UK’s benchmark for supplier quality in the construction industry.


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