Faith Tangara
Content Writer
5 Ways to Use the Time-Lapse Creator

5 Ways to Use the Time-Lapse Creator

Looking for a way to give your construction project communications a boost? Time-Lapse Creator is here to help! This feature within the platform enables users to create unlimited time-lapse videos instantly.

Uniquely, you can capture the construction process from start to finish and share it with your team in a whole new way. Time-lapse videos are the perfect way to show progress on a project, and with Time-Lapse Creator, creating them is quick and easy.

5 ways that you can use the time-lapse creator

1. Keep Clients/ Investors Engagement

Time-lapse videos are great for showing how much things change over time. For investors, this is one aspect of the construction project that is important to them. Furthermore, with the time-lapse creator, the project team are able to quickly come up with a time-lapse video that shows how much progress has been made and update the client on where progress is at, as and when required.

As a matter of fact, often it saves them time for travelling to remote locations while giving them a clear idea of what the status of a particular project is at a given point in time. It serves as a great project tracking tool creating enhanced engagement for clients.

2. Pitch for new business 

Pitch presentations are a way for sales and marketing teams to generate more business. The time-lapse creator saves time on the preparation of tenders and pitches because a time-lapse video can be generated quickly to convey the company’s capacity, capability, and competence to a prospective client in a matter of minutes.

Visual representation like this may be a game changer in terms of gaining new business, where gaining the client’s trust is critical to closing the deal. 

3. Health & Safety Regulation

Adherence to health and safety standards is critical in any construction project. The project team can use the time-lapse creator to not only help regulate operations on the construction site but also to improve occupational safety implementation.

It can be used as a guideline when developing interventions to ensure that the same incident does not occur again. Furthermore, this data can also assist site managers in developing a well-designed training program.

4. Internal communications

Larger construction companies typically have multiple construction projects underway at any given time. The time-lapse creator assists in driving employee engagement and internal communications  C-level employees can have visibility to various projects from one place.

5. Progress Review and bidding for new projects

With a construction camera installed at the job site, projects can be monitored remotely. The time-lapse creator quickly provides data that can be used to communicate progress for weekly meetings and presentations.

The project team is kept up to speed with the progress and can quickly tell if they are on schedule. Construction companies can also use the time-lapse creator to showcase their portfolio when it comes to tendering for new projects.

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