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4 Ways Evercam’s Gate Report Drives Efficiency in Construction Logistics

4 Ways Evercam’s Gate Report Drives Efficiency in Construction Logistics

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficient management of logistics is paramount to the timely and cost-effective completion of projects. Delays, budget overruns, and productivity gaps can all be attributed to suboptimal logistics practices.

Challenges in logistics, such as inconsistent tracking, fragmented communication, and delivery delays, can be addressed by using reality capture through the Gate Report feature. This feature provides real-time visibility, comprehensive analytics and an accurate record of vehicles in and out of the site, streamlining the collaboration capabilities of construction professionals. 

By harnessing this technology and intelligent data analytics, project managers can pinpoint bottlenecks, streamline workflows, optimize resource allocation, to make informed decisions and enhance operational efficiency. 

Evercam gate report camera used for site space management

In a construction project, efficient logistics management can make or break the project. Delays, cost overruns, and productivity gaps often stem from logistical inefficiencies. Evercam’s Gate Report feature is designed to address these challenges by providing a project-centric approach to logistics.

It acknowledges that gates serve as a critical checkpoint in a project’s efficient operation, allowing for precise monitoring and control of material and equipment flow. As such Evercam Gate Report is installed at each gate controlling and recording the entry and exit of each vehicle.

Data is combined to deliver a complete visual record of all the traffic to/from the site. The generated report allows project stakeholders to make informed decisions and manage their projects more efficiently.

Whether a project involves two gates for entry and exit or more complex logistics, the Gate Report’s project-centric perspective enables a holistic and efficient approach to project management. 

To offer users precise control over their data and insights, Evercam has implemented three levels of filters within the Gate Report feature that users can benefit from:

  • Filtering by Camera: Users can select specific cameras within a project, especially useful when multiple cameras are deployed at various entry and exit points.
  • Filtering by Vehicle Type: Recognizing the diverse range of vehicles involved in construction projects, the Gate Report allows users to filter data by vehicle type, ensuring they focus on the relevant information.
  • Filtering by Events: Users can refine their analysis by filtering specific events, such as Entry or Exit events, tailoring their insights to meet specific project needs.

Furthermore, it fosters improved collaboration and communication among project stakeholders through a centralized platform for real-time information sharing and progress updates.

Embracing innovative solutions like the Gate Report holds the key to unlocking enhanced efficiency, substantial cost savings, and heightened productivity in construction projects, ensuring successful outcomes within a predefined budget and schedule constraints.

The Gate Report feature offers a comprehensive solution to address various challenges in construction logistics such as;

1. Accurate, Timestamped Visual Record of Trucks Unloading Materials:

The Gate Report provides an accurate and timestamped visual record of trucks unloading materials, such as steel. This feature helps in identifying instances where trucks take excessively long to unload materials, causing delays. With clear visual evidence, project managers can address these delays promptly and optimize the unloading process for increased efficiency.

2. Inadequate Allocation of Crane Time: 

By utilizing the Gate Report, project managers can track and analyze the crane usage at the construction site. This data allows for better allocation of crane time by the main contractor, reducing inefficiencies and ensuring that cranes are optimally utilized to meet project timelines and requirements.

3. Data on Concrete Truck Movements for Logistics Planning: 

The Gate Report offers insights into the number of concrete trucks entering and exiting the construction site per hour. This data aids in effective logistics planning, especially during large concrete pours. Project stakeholders can use this information to plan and coordinate the arrival and departure of concrete trucks, optimizing the concrete pouring process and minimizing delays.

4. Adherence to Traffic Plans for Excavation: 

The Gate Report helps in adhering to traffic plans by providing accurate data on the number of trucks allowed per day for excavation. Project stakeholders can monitor and control truck movements based on these plans, ensuring compliance and minimizing the need for time and labor-consuming manual monitoring.

5. Preventing Overcharging by Subcontractors:

 The Gate Report assists in preventing overcharging by providing a transparent record of the loads removed, particularly for contaminated soil. This visual record helps in verifying the actual load removed and ensures that subcontractors are not overcharging for the work, leading to potential cost savings for the construction project.

6. Optimizing Vehicle Capacity During Waste Removal:

Utilizing the Evercam Gate Report, project managers can monitor and analyze the utilization of vehicle capacity during waste removal. This data allows for better planning and coordination, ensuring optimal use of vehicle capacity and reducing unnecessary costs associated with underutilization.

7. Accurate Tracking of Concrete Truck On-Site Time:

The Gate Report offers accurate tracking of on-site time for concrete trucks. This digital record replaces paper-based systems, minimizing errors and ensuring precise tracking. Accurate tracking helps in preventing higher charges based on inaccurate or manually recorded on-site time, contributing to cost management and billing accuracy.

Types of Vehicles Identified 

The Gate Report feature accurately tracks and analyses the activities of diverse vehicle type s from small trucks to flatbed semi-trailers, concrete trucks to tipping trucks, tank trucks to concrete pumps, and road vehicles. 

equipment tracking: Types of vehicles identified by Evercam gate report camera

Material and Equipment Tracking

One of the most significant challenges in construction logistics is tracking the movement of materials and equipment. With Evercam’s Gate Report, this process becomes more efficient and reliable. By integrating high-resolution cameras at the entry and exit points of construction sites, the Gate Report feature captures real-time images of vehicles entering and leaving the site.

equipment tracking: Evercam gate report camera identifying vehicles

The Evercam Gate Report feature automatically generates detailed reports, including timestamps. This information provides construction managers and logistics teams with accurate data on material and equipment deliveries, enabling them to track inventory, detect delays, and address potential bottlenecks promptly.

By streamlining material and equipment tracking, Evercam Gate Report helps prevent inventory shortages, reduce downtime, and improve overall project efficiency.

Evercam gate report camera analytics of vehicles. Bringing efficiency to the next level

Payment Verification Tool 

The Gate Report serves as an invaluable tool for dispute avoidance on sites. While it is not intended to be the sole method of approving payments to subcontractors, it proves to be highly effective in confirming and cross-referencing data from other sources.

In cases where there is a discrepancy between gate dockets and sub-contractor dockets, the Gate Report can be instrumental in identifying missing or over-counted deliveries. By leveraging the comprehensive tracking and analytics capabilities of the Gate Report, construction professionals can resolve payment disputes and ensure accurate payment processing.

equipment tracking: Evercam gate report camera identifying vehicles demonstrating efficiency in construction

Concrete Pour Operations

The Evercam Gate Report proves to be an indispensable tool during concrete pours, focusing on enhancing efficiency in unloading times and avoiding additional fees associated with waiting for concrete trucks. By using the Gate Report, construction professionals can accurately determine the requirements for space as the site layout changes, ensuring optimal placement and allocation of resources.

This enables better coordination of concrete deliveries and unloading processes, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings. The Gate Report’s real-time visibility and comprehensive analytics enable project managers to streamline logistics operations and optimize the utilization of resources during concrete pours.

Case Studies 

  1. Project A: The contractor for this project had a traffic plan approved by the City, allowing for 60 trucks per day. They utilized the Gate Report to ensure compliance with this limit while maximizing the number of loads delivered. This helped them balance regulatory requirements with productivity.
  2. Project B: Facing delays and charges from a supplier due to unloading issues on-site, the project team turned to Evercam. By analyzing Gate Report data, they identified that their crane time was not allocated efficiently for lifting from that specific supplier. Armed with this insight, they could rectify the problem promptly, ultimately saving time and costs.

These organizations found the Gate Report to be a vefaluable tool for monitoring project timelines. By quickly checking when the first loads arrived and when the last loads departed, they could ensure that their projects were staying on track and completed within the specified timeframes.

Construction logistics can be challenging, but with the right resources and tools, a successful outcome is achievable. Evercam’s Gate Report feature provides an all-encompassing solution to address the issues of material tracking, administration, and stakeholder communication.

By providing detailed data on material and equipment movement, this tool empowers construction professionals to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. With Evercam’s Gate Report, construction experts gain access to an advanced level of effectiveness, and adherence to budget constraints. Reach out to us today for a demo and unlock the full potential of efficient project management.