Voices of Evercam: Meet Scarlett Oliver – UK Account Executive

Scarlett’s career in sales began when she realised her love for talking and connecting with people made it the perfect fit. Initially, she started in law...

Voices of Evercam: Meet Erika Gomes – Head of Marketing

I started at Evercam as the first marketing person and a team of one. From the start, I felt I could make a real difference.

Voices of Evercam: Meet Oussama Bonnor – 3D Team Lead

Meet Oussama Bonnor, now the 3D lead at Evercam, transitioned from aspiring doctor to heading software engineering innovations in construction.

Voices of Evercam: Sara Deacy – Senior Customer Success Manager

Starting her career with a strong interest in renovating properties, her journey shows how embracing innovation has helped shape a more welcoming, efficient, and modern sector.

Unlocking the Power of Evercam

In today’s world, where cat videos and memes are everywhere, we often overlook how important data centres are. These hubs power our digital life, storing everything from social media posts […]

Voices of Evercam: Meet Jeffrey Deasy, Global Sales Director – Mission Critical

From the hum of engines in the automotive world to the dynamic buzz of the construction industry, Jeff’s career journey is a story of adaptability and ambition.

Voices of Evercam: Meet Fionn Hurley – APAC Sales Manager

“An unexpected safety incident shifted my mind about Construction Technology”   Fionn Hurley’s career in the construction industry mirrors the sector’s landscape: diverse, dynamic, and driven by innovation. As the […]

Evercam: A Year of Milestones

2023: A Year of Growth and Innovation Reflecting on 2023, at Evercam, we celebrated growth, innovation, and excellence. The year was marked by ISO 27001 certification, an achievement that underscored […]

Top 5 Construction Time-lapses of 2023

In 2023 the Construction Industry took a step forward in the use of technology to improve its efficiency. Since real-time project visibility is crucial to project success, Evercam presents this […]

Evercam’s Volumetric Estimating Tool

Thinking about how important estimating is in a construction site, Evercam has released its latest product update – the Volume Measuring Tool. Set to redefine material volume estimations on construction […]

Real-Time Site Updates with Evercam and Autodesk Integration

We’re excited to announce Autodesk is now integrated with Evercam, a significant step forward in construction management. This integration streamlines processes, improves project visualization, and fosters better collaboration of projects.  […]

Voices of Evercam: Meet Mia Montemayor – Product Manager

Career, Design, and Transition to Product Management Navigating a decade of change and creativity, Mia Montemayor shares her experiences, transitioning from an architect to a product manager in the tech-savvy […]

Guide to Construction Visibility

Introduction to Construction Visibility Construction visibility is a fundamental component of effective project management within the construction industry. It involves obtaining real-time insights and a comprehensive understanding of project progress, […]

State of Site Logistics

How Construction Tech is Advancing Site Logistics The construction industry is undergoing a radical transformation. This shift is being driven by technological advancements, new planning strategies, and the complex nature […]

Voices of Evercam: Meet Tammy Bennett – Evercam Global Account Manager

In a world that constantly blurs the lines between targets and client satisfaction, Tammy Bennett, our Global Account Manager walks us through her diverse career journey from Construction to the […]

Safety Week Spotlight: 5 Key Advantages of Construction Cameras and Reality Capture

Annually, companies lose billions due to workplace injuries and illnesses. A report by AFL-CIO on workplace fatalities stresses the pressing need for stringent health and safety practices, highlighting a growing […]

Transforming Construction: The Impact of AI-Powered Reality Capture

In an industry steeped in tradition, the construction sector upholds time-honoured methods. As the digital age advances, technological innovations are starting to overcome these traditional norms. Among these innovations, Artificial […]

State of Laser Scanning: Visual Twin vs Digital Twin

Visual Twin and Digital Twin are two terms that have recently gained prominence in the realm of laser scanning and reality capture. While they may sound similar, they serve distinct […]

4 Ways Evercam’s Gate Report Drives Efficiency in Construction Logistics

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficient management of logistics is paramount to the timely and cost-effective completion of projects. Delays, budget overruns, and productivity gaps can all be attributed […]

4 Pioneering BIM Trends with Evercam

Navigating the dynamic ecosystem of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we stand on the precipice of several transformative trends set to redefine the industry. These trends – the integration of drone […]

The Future of the AEC Industry: Embracing Reality Capture Technology

The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is currently undergoing substantial changes due to advancements in reality capture technology. In a recent episode, Marco Herbst from Evercam and seasoned land […]

Navigating the Intersection of Construction Cameras and Data Privacy

In today’s interconnected world, data has become a valuable asset and with this increased reliance on data comes new legislation to protect individuals’ privacy and ensure responsible data handling practices.  […]

The Future of Construction is Digital: How Community Forums and Summits Are Driving Change

The construction industry is at a crossroads. On one side, there’s the traditional approach, characterized by manual processes, siloed teams, and a reactive mindset. On the other side, there’s the...

Evercam Drone: Redefining Progress Monitoring and Visibility in Project Management

In the last decade, technological advancements have significantly reshaped various industries, and the construction sector stands as a prime example of this transformation. Among the myriad technologies that have made […]

Evercam Launches “BIM Heroes” Podcast to Explore How Tech is Elevating Construction

[Dublin, Ireland. August 14th 2023] Evercam, a leading provider of site construction reality capture and visualization solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest venture, the “BIM Heroes” […]

The Benefits of Evercam’s X-ray Tool for Quality Control and Project Monitoring

Imagine being able to go anywhere on your job-site, choose a spot, and peel back the veil of time to see any historic stage in the project. Well, I have […]

Echelon’s Data Centres Sustainable Construction Revolution: Powered by Evercam’s Reality Capture Technology

Introduction Evercam, a frontrunner in the construction technology space, has been instrumental in providing innovative solutions for Echelon’s Data Centres ambitious DUB10 project in Dublin. This project commenced with land […]

How is Reality Capture Shaping Health and Safety Adherence?

In the world of construction, prioritising health and safety is not just a requirement but an absolute necessity. The industry is fraught with potential hazards, and ensuring the safety of […]

How Reality Capture & BIM Integration Enhance Construction Efficiency

  Reality capture bolsters efficient collaboration and effective project management. The adoption of such advanced technologies has driven these significant changes. By employing reality capture, a remarkable 30% reduction in […]

Reality Capture: Streamlining Workflows and Elevating Outcomes in Construction

In the world of construction, every project is a testament to the delicate balance of planning, communication, coordination, and execution. even the smallest oversight can lead to substantial delays and […]