Combine your BIM model with the real Building

Bring a new layer of visibility to your project with BIM.
Integrating a BIM model with our software makes it possible for your entire project team to interact and collaborate with a BIM model like never before. Our platform is designed to enhance how project teams work together, by removing barriers to digital tools and making more data available to those who need it.

Why Add BIM?

  • Compare the project as built with the BIM model at any point in time helping you to track progress and quality.
  • Showcase your project to shareholders.
  • Verify that your project is on-time.
  • Save cost and resources.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Improve communications and coordination.


Work with multiple teams by adding unlimited users to your camera or by sharing a Time-lapse image or video. Ensure everyone has a clear update of the project status at any point in time.

BIM Compare

  • Identify the project milestones.
  • Use the timeline on the bottom of the screen to see the progress.
  • Switch between the layers of your BIM model Make sure you visit our Bim integration tutorial.


Compare what is happening onsite to the plan Zoom in and out & rotate around the BIM.

Measure distances inside and outside the building.

Use tagging to share information with other people.

Access all Evercam features through live camera view.


What are the benefits of integrating our BIM Model?

Improved Collaboration: BIM encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling different teams to work using the same model simultaneously, reducing conflicts, and enhancing communication.

Visualization: BIM provides realistic 3D visualizations, helping stakeholders better understand the design and make informed decisions.

Cost and Time Efficiency: By improving coordination and reducing rework, BIM can help save costs and expedite construction schedules.

We update our BIM model frequently, how is it possible to get it updated on BIM?

If you have the BIM Model in Bentley iModel® Hub, you just have to grant us ( 3d@evercam.io) admin access, then the update will be automatic.

If not, you can send us an updated BIM Model. We’ll update it on our side, then process it on our Bentley iModel® Hub (this takes 0.5 to 3 days depending on the model size).

Can you integrate with my 3D model, I don’t have 4D?

Yes, we can integrate both 3D and 4D on BIM.

What are the system requirements to run BIM on my laptop?

BIM is a cloud-based, SaaS solution that is accessed via a standard web browser from any device with internet connectivity – no additional client software is required.

What are the construction softwares that you can integrate with?

We can integrate with Revit, Navisworks, and Synchro.

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