BIM Heroes Podcast Ep#8 – State of Venture Capital

BIM Heroes Podcast Ep#8 – State of Venture Capital


In this episode of the BIM Heroes Podcast, host Cody Whitelock and Alice Leung, the Vice President, Platform and Product Strategy at Brick & Mortar Ventures talk about the evolving landscape of venture capital within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, highlighting significant trends and the impact of technology on this dynamic field.

Show Highlights:
Alice provides an overview of the current state of venture capital, focusing on how it’s shaping the AEC sector. They discuss the increasing involvement of corporate venture capital and its influence on innovation and technological adoption in construction.

Alice’s Journey: From her early days at DPR Construction to her pivotal role at Brick and Mortar Ventures, Alice shares her transition from construction operations to focusing on technology and innovation, emphasizing the importance of technology in enhancing construction practices.

Challenges and Opportunities: The conversation covers the key challenges in adopting new technologies in AEC, such as cultural shifts and training needs. Alice shares insights from her extensive experience, including how to overcome scepticism and the strategic benefits of embracing tech advancements.

Future of AEC and Venture Capital: Looking ahead, Alice and Cody speculate on the future trends in venture capital and technology in the AEC industry. They discuss the potential of AI and machine learning in improving project management, risk assessment, and cost estimation.


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