Construction Camera Benefits

There are many benefits to having time-lapse cameras on a construction site. Time-lapse and project management cameras offer a lot of value and unique features to construction projects that security cameras cannot.


Construction time-lapse helps the developer, sales and marketing teams showcase their work.  With clever and professionally produced time-lapse videos and live streaming, you can build a stronger brand exposure and reach a wider audience through broadcast across multiple platforms and be ahead of the competition and use your projects to generate new work.


Manage and keep everyone informed by sharing progress with engineers, architects, subcontractors or any stakeholder you choose.

Having the right image at the right time will allow you to share the progress of your project, showcase project milestones, and have live/immediate access to your footage wherever you need it.

Own the Evidence

Owning complete footage of your entire project will help you with health and safety incident analysis/archival, potential QS disputes, potential sub-contractor disputes, and progress management. Your footage will also allow everyone to be on the same page for site meetings.

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